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I followed up later the same year  with

No Sweat Canto Love in August 2003

No Sweat Canto-to-go, like the other books, lets you learn the Cantonese language with ease and at your own pace. Canto-to-go is a great book for those just starting out or those that have learned "formal" Cantonese and now want to dive into the everyday vernacular of the wonderful people of Hong Kong.

Mark Weir,  Revenue Management and Customer Insights Director, PepsiCo AMEA

In May of 2009,

No Sweat Canto-Slang was published.  This book focuses mainly on slang and humorous expressions, with some useful vocabulary for daily use. Cantonese vocabulary is written phonetically (Yale System). Please refer to my first book No Sweat Cantonese for details. In the bonus chapters; 'Finance and investing' and 'Vets & Pets', you can find some additional useful and colloquial vocabulary.

Published Works

My first book, No Sweat Cantonese​, published in 2003,  is a Cantonese language and Hong Kong culture textbook that makes learning easier than using chopsticks. It is practical for both business and personal use and covers usages for work and social settings.

I'll never forget my first book signing event!

No Sweat Canto-to-go is your passport to the way in which ordinary people communicate when the formalities are over. This publication allows the student to get
down to the nitty-gritty of everyday life.

David Hendry, Flight Training Centre,
Hong Kong Dragonair

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Published in 2010, No Sweat Canto-to go (with CD) is beginner to intermediate conversation--a more advanced version of No Sweat Cantonese. Bonus sections: banking/business, health and beauty tips, love, work and daily expressions and casual speech.

No Sweat Canto-to-go is suitable for basic learners who have gotten started, as well as more advanced speakers, who simply want to brush up on what they already know.  Each chapter provides lingo, chit chat, one- liners, fun and useful information (in English and Chinese characters) on the rituals of work play and love to guide you towards fully immersing yourself in local culture.

I am a contributor to Women in Publishing's annual book of stories and essays Imprint.  I write on topics of Hong Kong and Chinese culture, such as the animals for each year.

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