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Learning Chinese calligraphy is relaxing and can also help you understand the good things in Chinese culture.

This is an example of Chinese calligraphy incorporated into a whimsical logo to add a real Hong Kong sensibility.

I can do all kinds of calligraphy projects, from personalized names, words, or messages for cards or banners to logos for business.

This character means "kindness," something we need more of this world!

If you are interested in lessons or a personalised Chinese calligraphy word or message for your home or office--or any application, such as a wedding invitation or company logo--please send me an email and we can discuss it.  CLICK HERE for the Contact page.

"Health" is something we all need to take care of!

These two mean "courage," and "progress" or "improvement."  They can be nice in office--especially a start-up or a new business!

Chinese calligraphy is a big part of my life.  I enjoy both doing commissioned works and teaching.

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